Spy Office


Become a Super Spy

You are part of a special secret agency that aims to topple Dr. Zor and the Zoraxis organization. 

You have been given telekinetic powers — a special treat for our Agents in the Enhanced Operative Division. Report to your office where your Agency Handler will provide you the information and training you need to successfully complete your missions. Welcome aboard.

Ieytd L01 Ss01


Friendly Skies

Operation Friendly Skies places you on one of Dr. Zor’s aircraft. Your mission is to start Dr. Zor’s car and drive it out of the plane.

Ieytd L02 Ss01


Squeaky Clean

You assume the role of a window washer from Squeaky Clean Window Washing Services. Your mission? Save the city by disarming a deadly poisonous gas carrier.

Ieytd L03 Ss01


Deep Dive

Grab your flippers and scuba gear, Agent. This mission places you in an escape pod with the objective of getting it online and to the surface.

Ieytd L04 Ss01


Winter Break

We found Dr. Zor’s winter lodge. Your mission is to evade the booby traps and disable Dr. Zor’s powerful secret weapon.

First Class Screenshot General


First Class

It is time that Headquarters gave you the easy, relaxing vacation you deserve. Oh, and one more thing- there might be some delays. Do your best and enjoy the trip.

1920x1080 SOP fireseats


Seat of Power

Great work, Agent, you’ve infiltrated Dr. Zor’s boardroom. Don’t get too comfortable, you’re only here to gather intel. As long as you don’t touch anything you shouldn’t have any trouble.

1920x1080 DE main


Death Engine

Pack your freeze-dried ice cream because we're sending you to Dr. Zor's space station. Agent, you must destroy the Death Engine at all costs.


Perfect Your Skills

You completed the mission! Think you can do it faster? Did you master your environment? Collect all the souvenirs in the game by completing speed runs and ranking up the achievements.