Our Commitment

to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For nearly 20 years, Schell Games has operated on the principle that diversity and inclusivity make us stronger as a company. It's why we do not approach these ideas as checkboxes or thresholds; it is a part of our DNA. While we strive to create a company that we can be proud of, we recognize that no company is perfect, and the world in which we live is less than ideal. Never have intentional efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion been more necessary, and never has vigilance been more critical. At Schell Games, our pledge to our employees, our customers, our partners, our community, and the industry at large is that we will work to:

Always be proactive and intentional in our efforts

We strive to foster a sense of belonging for all Schell Games team members with every action we take. We never want to be on the trailing edge of doing the right thing or merely reacting to current events. We work to be proactive in creating a safe place for anyone to speak up. Schell Games is committed to being equitable, inclusive, and using our strengths to help our company, the local community, and the gaming industry at large overcome systemic racism, sexism, and all other forms of discrimination. To better support these commitments, we launched an Inclusion Advisory Committee, which is open to all team members. This group aims to initiate internal discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion and identify and advise Schell Games’ actions to promote inclusion and belonging across the company, the Pittsburgh region, and the games industry. Together, we hope to build an environment that welcomes new ideas on how to address the issues of discrimination while celebrating each team member's uniqueness and individuality.

Always appreciate different perspectives and value everyone's voice

Every employee has a voice. Every team member is a person with unique insights and experiences. If we listen to and respect one another, we can create genuinely transformational experiences for clients, partners, and gamers while ensuring our workplace reflects what we hope society will reflect one day. Everyone has a part to play in creating lasting change.

Encourage our team to push through discomfort and never shy away from difficult conversations, so we can all learn and grow together

We provide our employees with the access and comfort levels they need to raise their hands when something needs to change or raise their voice when difficult conversations need to occur. Our management team is supported with training and toolboxes to initiate conversations or listen when a team member voices their concerns. Whether it comes in the form of the anonymous studio culture surveys that employees receive each month or one-on-one conversations, we want our employees to feel empowered and safe to speak their minds.

Constantly evaluate areas in which we can improve and take action

We will continue to incorporate training modules addressing unconscious bias, inclusivity, feedback, and anti-harassment to ensure every Schell Games team member - from our CEO to the newest hire - is provided the same options and held to the same standards. When appropriate, we make these training programs mandatory to establish a culture of systemic equity.

Stand by our statement that diversity makes us strong

Instead of solely relying on traditional pipelines, we seek ways to build the most diverse talent pool possible, and equitable philosophies and processes are applied to every aspect of an individual's employment. Whether it's ensuring fair and equitable pay across all demographics, actively seeking qualified job candidates outside the games industry norm, or developing teams that are inclusive in terms of gender, race, age, religion, and sexual orientation, we're strategic in our efforts to build programs that are impactful and long-lasting.

None of this is easy, and it takes commitment from everyone to make it work. As a company, each day, we consider what Schell Games' voice should be in these conversations that drive our culture. Culture happens whether you focus on it or not, so we intentionally build a kind and genuine environment for our employees. At Schell Games, we promise to do our absolute best to cultivate a culture where all of our team members can create experiences they're proud of with people they like to make the world a better place.