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Support - I Expect You To Die 1

Where can I buy this game?

You can purchase the game at the following stores:

Meta Quest Store

Meta Link PCVR

PlayStation Store (NA)

PlayStation Store (EU)

Microsoft Store

Humble Store

What are the supported devices for this game?

You can play the game on the Meta Quest/2, Rift/S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation®VR, and most Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

Do you support cross-buy across platforms?

HQ is unable to swap your Meta key for a Steam key (or visa versa), as it goes against Agency policies. In the past, some rogue agents have submitted similar requests to give away or sell their secondary codes. Or worse: provide their codes to the Zoraxis organization! Disgraceful. Because of this, HQ no longer accepts these requests. We are also unable to provide any type of discount or promotional rate to your purchases either.

How can I get the latest information on the game?

Sign up for our email newsletter. Agents who subscribe get the most recent news on the game and access to exclusive content and contests. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter, or join us on our Official Discord.

How can I get technical support for this game?

Send us an email at gamesupport@schellgames.com.

I have some important information to share. Can I send an email to you?

We love your sleuthing secrets, Agent. If you have comments and suggestions about the game you can email ieytd@schellgames.com, but if you're having any technical issues or running into bugs, please send that information to gamesupport@schellgames.com

I love the theme song for this game. How can I get it?

You can download it from the following locations:

Google Play

How can I get a refund?

Contact the store where you purchased the game to request a refund. If you have any problems or issues, contact us at gamesupport@schellgames.com.

How can I change the language, or turn subtitles on or off?

The language and subtitles options can be accessed from a reel in the agent's office: it can be found on top of the radio, on the left side of the desk. Placing this reel into the projector will take you to the language options screen, where you can enable or disable subtitles, or change the language featured in the subtitles.

Is there any way to reset your data in the game?

Yes! For Steam users, on your keyboard, press SHIFT + 1 at the controller selection screen to reset your data.

If you are playing on a Quest or Quest 2, the process is a trickier mission because of Cloud Backups. Previously, the way to reset I Expect You To Die was to uninstall and reinstall the game. With automatic Cloud Backups, however, your progress will be automatically restored when you reinstall the game, so this technique is no longer recommended.

If you are able to connect your headset to a PC, you can access your save file, in which case the following steps should fully reset your data:

1. Connect your Quest or Quest 2 to your PC via USB cable.

2. Confirm pop-ups that may appear on your desktop and allow access for a data transfer between PC and Quest.

3. Navigate to the following file path: This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.schellgames.ieytdquest\files

4. Locate the file named IEYTDQuestProgress.zor.

5. Move this file off the Quest or Quest 2 or delete it.

6. Safely disconnect your device from your PC. Relaunch I Expect You to Die on your Quest or Quest 2.

If you have disabled Cloud Backups, the uninstall/reinstall process should work. HQ does not recommend this approach, however, as it will likely cause problems with the save data on your other games.

Help! I’m playing the game using the PSVR and I’m losing a controller at some point during the game. What can I do?

Follow these steps.

  • Press and hold the PS button on your Dual Shock
  • Select “Power”
  • Select “Turn off PS4”
  • Wait for the system to completely shut down
  • Restart the PS4
  • Once on the main PS4 menu, turn on the VR headset
  • Turn on the 1st Move controller
  • Once it turns on, you’ll be prompted to select an account. Choose your desired account
  • Turn on the 2nd Move controller
  • When prompted, ensure you choose the same account as the first controller
  • You should now see the Dual Shock, VR Headset and both Move controllers associated with the same user account
  • Launch “I Expect You To Die”