Aha. So that`s how I get your attention, Agent? A hidden message? Typical.

THE records show you scored well in Deduction and Observation testing during onboarding, so naturally, as a Human Resources professional, I knew you’d make it here eventually. Some may say it’s an unproven method of reaching your staff… but one must do what one must do.

That said, I have some files that have been in desperate need of sorting. Seems as though your Handler is a bit preoccupied with other missions… so, I’m passing them your way. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll factor this in when determining your next vacation request. Your last request was pretty off the map.

These files are locked behind a pASscOdE… so I’m hoping you’ll be able to remember the credentials. I couldn’t find the directions to them in my notes.

Stay sharp.

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- Shawn in HR