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I Expect You to Die

Be a world class spy in this virtual reality escape-the-room puzzle game.

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News and Reviews

'I Expect You to Die' is that new marquis title for VR.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Schell Games have truly hit the mark with this game and I am eagerly awaiting a sequel.

Oz Console Gaming

Putting you into cunning espionage themed escape rooms, 'I Expect You To Die' is a fun VR puzzler with a charming sense of humour and dozens of ways to die.

The Sixth Axis

It is a solid VR experience...

Christ Centered Gamer

the most fun I've ever had in VR.


This game will be the gold-standard I compare new VR games to in the future.

Wholesome Gamer

'I Expect You To Die' is a must have VR experience for PlayStation VR

Press Play News

From the very first mission, I was hooked.


...where I Expect You to Die excels is in its fun, tense and somewhat immersive gameplay.

Gaming Respawn

The virtual reality spy game perfectly blended together classic first-person adventure game puzzles with modern virtual reality tech and a quirky, fun atmosphere to create an absolute gem.

Hardcore Gamer

VR was practically made for locked-room puzzles, and I Expect You to Die doesn't disappoint.


...enjoyable from beginning to end.

Hardcore Gamer

one of [the] best puzzle games I have played all year.

PlayStation Universe

It’s short, sharp and amusing throughout, and here’s hoping we get more chances to kill ourselves in equally fiendish and maniacal ways.

Codec Moments

one of the most mature VR games around.

The Verge

...starts with a bang and does not let up until the end.

PS Nation

The puzzles themselves are delightfully elaborate and fun to work through...


Your Mind is Your Best Weapon

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of an elite secret agent. You must attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive, dangerous locales.

Play on the Oculus Rift using Touch controllers, an Xbox controller, or a mouse. Or flex your super spy muscles on the PlayStation®VR, using either a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or the PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

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Oculus PSVR

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