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Incoming Message:

Well done, Agent. Your handy work and sharp mind have provided exceptional intel and results in regards to Operation: Cipher. Flanter continues to elude us… but don’t fear. HQ has not given up on the investigation.

That said, The Agency wanted to properly commend you on your impressive efforts.

You’re getting a promotion!

Add a Jigsaw emote reaction on the very first message in the #decoding-the-cipher channel to claim your exclusive “Elite Secret Agent” Agent Rank on our Discord server! And do try to keep this confidential!

On top of this, we know how much you’ve been dying… for a vacation - and I’m afraid Shawn in HR is still processing that paperwork. Stay tuned. Instead, we’ll send you on a virtual vacation! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth behind-the-scenes soundings of Bay Area Sound performing “The Spy and The Liar.”

Just... don't get too comfortable. Even more missions await in I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar.

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Account Security : Protected
Social Media Channels : Protected
Discord Server : Protected
Q&A Video Analysis : Complete
Coffee Stain Analysis : Complete
Map Coordinates Analysis : Complete
Musical Score Analysis : Complete
Electronica Cover Analysis : Complete
HQ Hotline Analysis : Complete