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Support - I Expect You To Die 2

Is I Expect You To Die 2 available for purchase?

Yes, the game was released on August 24, 2021, and is available on several digital storefronts for purchase.

On which platforms is I Expect You To Die 2 available?

You can purchase the game at the following stores:

Meta Quest

How much does I Expect You To Die 2 cost?

The game is priced at $24.99 USD across all stores.

What are the supported devices for the game?

You can play the game on Meta Quest/2, Rift/S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation®VR, and most Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

Do you support cross-buy?

The game is available for cross-buy on the Meta ecosystem. So if you purchase I Expect You To Die 2 for Rift, you will own a version for Meta Quest as well - and vice-versa.

How can I get technical support for the game?

Send us an email at gamesupport@schellgames.com.

How can I get the soundtrack for the game?

The soundtrack is available on most streaming platforms, such as:

Apple Music



Amazon Music

How can I get the latest information on the game?

Sign up for our email newsletter. Also, join us on our Official Discord. Agents who join the Discord server get the most recent news on the game and access to exclusive content and contests. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter.

I enjoyed playing the original I Expect You To Die with subtitles or in a different language. Am I able to play I Expect You To Die 2 with subtitles, too?

While we are working to update as many of our games with subtitles and localized content as possible, not all of our titles currently have this feature yet. We hope to soon update more of our existing games, including I Expect You To Die 2, to be more accessible, but it does not yet have an option for subtitles.

Please stay tuned to our social channels for news regarding any future updates for I Expect You to Die 2.