Mission Briefings: The I Expect You To Die 3 Accolades Trailer and more!

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Check Out the New IEYTD3 🏆 Accolades Trailer

The reviews are in, Agents — I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine is another success for the Schell Games team! 🎉 Hear what the likes of SteveKnows, Matteo311, Beardo Benjo, and more have to say about the game.

But that's not all. Agents worldwide have sought to foil Dr. Zor and Dr. Prism’s plans to save the world from robot domination, achieving the following feats:

  • To date, The Agency has logged 818,000 deaths and counting.
  • 52,000 Agents died thanks to a particularly peppy batch of explosive vodka.
  • 34,000 Agents were bested by the car’s ejector seat.
  • 24,000 Agents were defeated by a bear’s laser focus.
  • 57% of Agents were able to complete all six missions; however, only 4.3% of Agents could do so with all of the side objectives.
  • By a long shot, the most popular special outfit is black satin gloves paired with a fedora.

The IEYTD3 Music Keeps Playing 🎶 — Karaoke Version available now!

Agent, prepare to unleash your vocal prowess in the ultimate spy serenade with the karaoke version of “Cog in the Machine” from I Expect You To Die 3. Show the world that you're not just a master spy, but a karaoke virtuoso too 🎤.

Not a confident vocalist or just want to hum along to the rest of the glorious bops on the IEYTD3 OST? You’re in luck! You can find the album available across your favorite music streaming services — now including Spotify! Time to get to toe-tapping, Agents — the perfect little diddies for some background listening. 🎵

Ending Things Strong with Our PAX West Recap Video 🤖

🔍 Finally, Agents, prepare for a thrilling debrief of our time showing I Expect You To Die 3 at PAX West 2023!

Our booth buzzed with excitement! Attendees immersed themselves in espionage excellence: demoing the game, striking poses in our 360 photo booth, and engaging in top-secret conversations with the brilliant minds behind I Expect You To Die 3.

To all the exceptional Agents who visited our booth at PAX West, your presence elevated the mission! For those unable to join us this time, stay sharp, as we may rendezvous with you at future events! 🙌

That’s all for now, Agents. Complete your IEYTD3 missions today — now available on both Steam and the Meta Quest Store.

☎️ Stay Sharp!