I Expect You To Die 3 SteamVR Launch, Robot Antics Trailer Reveal, and More!

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Agents, by now you know that Dr. Prism is a major force to be reckoned with in I Expect You To Die 3… but what do you really know about Robutler and the rest of Dr. Prism’s robot cronies?? 🤖

Don’t let their seemingly endearing curiosity (and jokes 🤔?) fool you — they are …somewhat-automated and not to be trusted, Agent!

Now available on SteamVR, Agents can enter the third installment of the beloved spy-fi VR franchise filled with complex and dangerous puzzles, exciting espionage, a sprinkle of hilarity thrown in, and a wild ride of robot antics to round out this death-defying (or implying) adventure.

SteamVR Agents who enlist within the first week will get a 10% off launch discount!

Don't let Robutler make a joke out of you, Agent. Stay sharp. 💥

Today’s Schell Games 360 Livestream 🕹️

Still want insider information on the making of I Expect You To Die 3? Join us today at 12pm PT / 3pm ET! We’ll be talking with IEYTD3 Game Designer Joey Z., during today’s Schell Games 360 livestream, so bring your questions and your field agency expertise.

An Operation: PAX West Debriefing 🗞️
IEYTD3 PAX West 2560x1440

More than 1,000 agents from across the globe completed their field training at our PAX West pop-up HQ in Seattle. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to update their Agency file, complete IEYTD3 training, and pick up the latest and greatest secret agent gear. It was great to talk with our agents from near and far. You all are the best of the best!

Our First Official Handler Week is Complete ✅
Handler Week Static 1920x1080

Thank you so much to our field operatives for taking part in our first-ever Handler Week last week ✨. Hopefully, Shawn in HR will get off our back now. He's always going on about The Handler and how we don't appreciate his wit and expertise!

Here is a quick intel highlight recap of our findings from last week:

And of course, speaking of Bear Archer… 🏹🐻👀

Mission Update: Bear Archer Plush Makeship Campaign Success! 🎊
Bear Archer Success

We did it, Agents! 🎉 The ZC-07 Security Turret, aka “Bear Archer” plush was successfully funded. We couldn’t have done it without you. No really — in all seriousness.

Our associates at Makeship have started production, and all secret operatives who ordered their very own cute-but-deadly bear plush can expect shipping to commence on or around Friday, December 15, 2023.

For more information about shipment timelines, please refer to this page of the Bear Archer instruction manual.

A First-Time Tokyo Game Show Appearance 👀
Schellgames 001 20230915

We also took the show — er — Agency on the road to Tokyo Game Show VR! This online experience that runs alongside the in-person event allows agents to create avatars and visit “Game Islands” — a veritable game country floating in a digital sky.

You can travel to the world of games to check out I Expect You To Die 3 now through Sunday, October 8, 2023. 🗼

That’s all for now, Agents. It was quite the briefing.

Stay sharp! ☎️