Patch Notes Quest v.1.0.1

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Greetings, Agents!

HQ heard your feedback and we have released a new, small update to the game: Quest v.1.0.1

We continue to investigate other issues and suggestions. With this in mind, we encourage you to join our Discord server for a more direct channel to communicate with our team.

- Fixed minor visual issues in the tutorial and Operation: Eaves Drop.

- Made it harder to lose items behind the large barrel in Operation: Party Crasher

- Operation: Stage Fright progresses as intended even if the electro-lift for the clock isn’t fully in the up position, the main curtain is opened and then re-locked, or the curtain is opened after the gas is released.

- Improved the functionality of the telekinesis beam when switching between close and far objects.

- The world leaders’ voice lines now play at the appropriate time.

- The laser cage visual effects now play at the appropriate time.

- Operation: Rising Phoenix progresses as intended even if the lever for opening doors is partially opened.

- Souvenir display before missions are completed has been updated to remove redundant information.

- Explosive crates now explode when hit by missiles.

- Unlocking the navigation puzzle in Operation: Jet Set no longer kills the player at the wrong times.