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The Mini-Missions Contest Begins!

The Time Has Arrived, Agents!

Headquarters has approved a mini-missions contest for our field Agents in order to keep your skills sharp. Here are the details.

Every Monday in October Headquarters will announce a new mini-mission first through the newsletter, and then the newsletter will be posted on Facebook and Twitter for the rest of the field to know. Each mini-mission will deal with collecting souvenirs in a specific level in the game, and submitting your results to Facebook, Twitter or email. Agents will have until 3:30p.m. EST on Friday to submit their results. After the deadline, HQ will randomly select an entry, and that Agent will win a $100 Mastercard Gift Card, and promotional items from HQ.

Good Luck, Agents! Here's the link to your first mini-mission.

Mini-Mission Terms and Conditions