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Mission Briefing

Agent... You’re Back!

We mean, of course you’re back. The Agency had little doubt that you’d be returning to the Enhanced Operative Division. Now, where were we? Ah, yes. What do a playbill, a mask, and a top secret mission assignment have in common? You, naturally. All the world’s a stage, Agent, but please, stay out of the spotlight.

Immersive Environment

New locations and surroundings will transport you to the world of espionage.

In-Depth Story

Learn more about Zoraxis as you weave your way through a web of diabolical missions, with each one connecting you to a devious plan.

Ingenious Puzzles

Using your telekinetic powers and cunning, complete your missions while stopping the Zoraxis organization and staying alive.

Decorative Dash
Agency Logo Divider Line

CODENAME - JUNJ_0013:745:01

Juniper, John

Actor and Socialite

Place of Birth: Evansville, Indiana
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 05/30/1923
Height: 5'10
Build: Mesomorph
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

John Juniper is a highly trained actor and wealthy celebrity. As such, he wields a tremendous amount of cultural influence and should be treated as a high value asset.

Juniper employs something he calls ‘the mask technique’ in which he has masks built for each new role he takes on. He uses the masks to help him embody his characters and then removes them before shooting begins. A remote psychological exam has shown there’s nothing specifically concerning about this behavior, despite its eccentric nature.

Historically, agents working with actors have reported high levels of misdirection, deception, and lies of omission. Agents working with Juniper are encouraged to verify his statements with third parties in all cases.

Decorative Dash
I Expect You To Die 2 is promising to be a short if densely packed spy-thriller VR puzzle game that builds upon the world first introduced in 2016’s I Expect You To Die. IGN
This game is the best VR title I’ve ever played. Laptop Magazine
I'm here to tell you this: If you loved the original, you're absolutely going to love what the developers brought this time around. It's funnier, wittier, and spy-ier than the original, oftentimes feeling like it was cut from the same cloth as classic 70s Bond films in many ways — sans the fairly inappropriate female antagonist names, of course. Android Central
Wil Wheaton seems to relish his role as the celebrity John Juniper, and the ever-present handler returning players remember from the original game is clearly one of his character's biggest fans. The game's sound design as a whole is impressive, with dramatic stings and jazzy melodies that go far in capturing the mood of an old-school espionage thriller. ScreenRant
I Expect You to Die 2 manages to make basic puzzle games cinematic, bombastic and memorable. So far, it’s a bigger sequel that improves on the original in every way. New environments only pull players deeper into Schell Games’ special universe. There’s no better way to feel like a spy than outsmarting Zoraxis at every turn. CG Magazine
The best thing I can say about my first few hours with I Expect You To Die 2 is that it's just more I Expect You To Die. Schell Games’ classic secret agent VR puzzler still holds up, and while the sequel has its fair share of fresh ideas, the fact that relatively little has changed between them is a testament to the quality of the series’ design and execution. TheGamer



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