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Oculus Steam VR PlayStation VR

Mission Briefing

Agent... You’re Back!

We mean, of course you’re back. The Agency had little doubt that you’d be returning to the Enhanced Operative Division. Now, where were we? Ah, yes. What do a playbill, a mask, and a top secret mission assignment have in common? You, naturally. All the world’s a stage, Agent, but please, stay out of the spotlight.

Immersive Environment

New locations and surroundings will transport you to the world of espionage.

In-Depth Story

Learn more about Zoraxis as you weave your way through a web of diabolical missions, with each one connecting you to a devious plan.

Ingenious Puzzles

Using your telekinetic powers and cunning, complete your missions while stopping the Zoraxis organization and staying alive.

Test Test


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