Mission Alert: Special Message from Vocalist Haley Reinhart

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Listen up, Agents!

🎤 Today we bring you an exclusive briefing from American Idol alum Haley Reinhart, the singer, songwriter, and actress behind the vocals of “Cog in the Machine,” the soulful single from the I Expect You To Die 3 opening credits.

She’s the voice that’s giving you (and honestly the whole Agency) goosebumps!

🎶 Now that you’ve heard from Agent Reinhart, we’re excited to announce that today also marks a special day for IEYTD music fans. We have officially released the soundtrack for I Expect You To Die 3: Cog In The Machine for free on all major music streaming services, including, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music -- and coming soon to Spotify! You can find the full list of streaming platforms here.

Composed by Frank Lubsey, Audio Director for IEYTD3, and Bay Area Sound with lyrics by Jared Mason, Narrative Design Director for IEYTD3 and Senior Design Manager at Schell Games (though you may recognize him most as the voice of our beloved Handler!), the game’s moody and evocative soundtrack transports listeners to a world of hilarious high-stakes espionage. Settle in and enjoy the soundscapes of spy-fi … or at least, for as long as Zor’s evil plots will allow. 👀

We’ve also pulled the full album credits for those audiophile Agents who must be completely debriefed for their in-between mission listening pleasure 🎧:

▸ Vocals on "The Cog In The Machine”: Haley Reinhart

▸ Lyrics for "The Cog In The Machine": Jared Mason

▸ Composition “The Cog In The Machine”: Bay Area Sound and Frank Lubsey

▸ Mix and Master for "Cog In The Machine": Bay Area Sound

▸ Orchestra: Dynamedion

▸ Bass: Arnez Hayes

▸ Guitar: Mason Fisher

▸ Drums: Alzonia Johnson

▸ Vibraphone: Reinaldo Cando

▸ Trumpet: Henri Mauroy

▸ Composition for “From Agent Phoenix With Love”, “An Evening With Roxana”, “I Am Robutler”, “You’re Stuck With Me”, “Enjoy The ReZORt”: Mason Fisher

▸ Composition for “Kinesium Mines”, “That Giant Thing”, “Under The Sea”, “We Can Fly Now”, “Don’t Look Down”, “Roxana”, “She Needs Our Help”, “Zor’s Lair”: Frank Lubsey

▸ Composition for “We’ve Got You A Car": Mason Fisher and Frank Lubsey

▸ Producer, Album Conceptualization: Frank Lubsey

💼 And if you still need to persuade your fellow Agents and haven’t yet enlisted in your new missions yet, you can wishlist the game before it launches on September 28, 2023! We're almost there, Agents!

Stay sharp!