Kick off Handler Week with Bear Archer ‘A Day with Bear Archer at Schell Games’

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📣 Incoming Transmission from HQ 📣

Standby for this week’s new operation codenamed ‘Handler Week’. The Agency will declassify intel on everyone’s favorite voice in your ear (the Handler himself!) and we’ll be bringing you an exciting lineup of activities ahead of I Expect You To Die 3’s Steam launch on Thursday, 9/28.

💼 First of our briefings!

Prepare to go undercover on a covert operation at the Schell Games studio with the elusive Bear Archer plushie. Many of our field agents might already know, but this is no ordinary plush; it's a declassified ZC-07 Security Turret, cunningly disguised as an adorable bear (we know, how deceptive!).

🕵️‍♂️ Agents will be able to embrace their inner Agent (sneaking around at the Schell Games studio!), pause for fun facts about Bear Archer, listen to the soulful and evocative soundtracks from the I Expect You To Die games… and, of course, if you haven’t already — secure your own Bear Archer Plush 🏹 🐻 before it’s too late (only 3 days left in the campaign!)

While we can’t share the week’s full briefing …just yet, here’s what we can declassify. Agents should keep their eyes peeled for our September Schell Games 360 livestream! We’ll continue exploring behind the scenes of I Expect You to Die 3 with Game Designer Joey Z., as he breaks down creating puzzles for the game! Save the date for September 28, Agents 📝

Our first ‘Operation: Handler Week’ commences today, but make sure you follow the IEYTD social channels for all the up to date briefings as we get further into the week 💥

Stay sharp, Agents!